old school stick and rudder skills: modern philosophy

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View the beautiful black hills from the air.

Flight training for the complete aviator. we believe in thorough education first and foremost, our instructors are not building time just to leave for another job, our instructors are here for the long term  and the individual attention each student receives reflects it. we believe in reliable safe equipment, maintained by the same facility that works on the airlines. complete training will be brought online in several stages from, private through cfi- multi, tailwheel and advanced training, all at fair prices.

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A fleet of aircraft as diverse as your missions are.

Aircraft analysis, purchasing, management, and return on investment. Make that asset pay for itself.

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WESTERN SOUTH DAKOTA's Premier Training and Rental Facility

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Private-ATP, Complex, High-Performance, Tailwheel, Instrument, Multi-Engine, and other advanced training.

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